Personal data storage

A new way to conceive privacy on the internet

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What if you could conveniently own all of your data, and be able to give permission to apps and friends to securely access them on your own terms?


Federated Cloud Services You Can Trust


Single password

Access all your Myne Apps with one single password

File Sharing

Safely store your files in your cloud space and share them with the world

File streaming

Host your audio and video files and stream them from anywhere


Build transparent and privacy-friendly apps fast

Micro Payments

Stop paying with your privacy and forget about subscriptions


One account, many identities to compartmentalize activities

Data Sharing

Start sharing your data like you share files, with the same control

Real-time Database

Build data-intensive applications always up to date

Inter-operable data

Unlock possibilities with cross-domain applications


Connect with any third-party applications with simple http calls

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We made the transition easy for you and made possible to import data from many third party apps and services. But it is also easy to connect with your favorite tools to get the best of both worlds while getting back control and freedom over your data. For example, you can import your blog posts from Notion and publish them on your own website, or you can create a contract to share data with a client and receive a Slack notification when they access it... and so much more!


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